I was recently impressed by some insights on owls, taken from Inspired Evidence by Julie Von Vett and Bruce Malone. Various attributes of the owl were mentioned. These amazing birds of prey have incredible night vision which allows the bird to see, even when there is no moonlight. They have a superb sense of hearing with which they can hear a mouse scurrying along under two feet of snow. Apparently, if an owl can see you, it can hear your heart beating! An owl’s flight feathers are fringed to enable them to fly silently. Their beaks and talons are made for ripping and tearing their prey. The authors’ thought was about the design that the Lord gave these creatures. If even just one of these attributes were missing- the sight, the hearing, the special feathers, the beak and talons- the owl would starve to death. What an amazing Designer we have!

We also are designed for a particular purpose. Each of us has a specific task we are meant to do. What happens when we misuse our talents and maybe even our bodies for things they were not meant for?

When we acquire an appliance, machine, or vehicle, they often come with a warranty. However, the warranty only holds if we use said appliance or machine for what it was designed for. For instance, if we use the paper shredder for trying to shred materials it wasn’t meant to shred, the warranty will not hold. If we use a car as an ATV, chances are high that the car dealer will not honor the warranty, no matter how new the car may be.

What is the equivalent of a warranty in our Christian life? Could it be God’s grace? God gives us a very generous warranty when we repent, and He forgives us. We go forward, joyfully living according to God’s design. But perhaps, we start to drift a wee bit. We develop our own ideas of what our purpose and calling might be. Maybe we begin to use our gifts and talents to glorify ourselves instead of honoring our Maker. Something begins to give trouble in the area of our heart. We hope the warranty will hold and we procrastinate calling on the Repair Man. When we notice this and sincerely call on the Holder of our warranty, He will certainly repair our hearts until they are back in line with our God-given use.

Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Ghost. How careful are we to look after them and use them for what our Designer intended? What happens to our God-given warranty when we are not careful with what we put into our bodies or perhaps ingest substances that are downright harmful? Further, what happens if I don’t take care of my body by giving it rest periods, setting boundaries in my personal relationships and seeing my body as something that has worth? Again, our Service Man is standing ready to help and repair, provided we follow the instructions He lays out for us.

The wonderful thing is, if we remain in touch with our Maker, and do the work we are designed to do, this extended warranty lasts until the end of time. Where can you find a better deal than that?


Ida Klassen

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