Depression and Loneliness- Possible Causes:


  • We think we can take care of ourselves and do not need others.
  • We are separated by technology, each immersed in our own flickering screens.
  • We spend too much time indoors.
  • We lack activity and exercise.
  • We are internally focused.
  • We pursue perfection.
  • We indulge in self-pity with too much self-love.
  • We are unthankful, not appreciating our appearance, family, relatives, our emotional valleys and
    mountain tops.
  • We survive on poor nutrition.
  • We read and watch unhealthy material.
  • We allow lustful thoughts. Read Philippians 4:8.
  • We are not using our gifts and talents.
  • We tend to negative thinking versus positive thinking.
  • We are affected by SAD.
  • We do not surrender.
  • We do not do what we know to do.
  • We do not lift others up but instead criticize.
  • We move too often and do not put our roots down.
  • We forget to Acknowledge
  • We neglect to sing, pray, and read God’s word.