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Resources For Illness


Against the Odds  by Rachael Lofgren
In 1952, Vera Overholt was a lively three-year-old when she was stricken with a severe case of polio. The disease left her with a twisted torso, impaired lungs, and nearly useless arms. She did not give in to the victim mentality but persevered, greatly helped by a strong faith in God, determination, and a loving family.

Miracle in Room 3123  by Bill & Pauline Miller
Bill Miller battles a mysterious disease. As he faces death, God chooses to heal him instead. This book details the family’s experiences of grace during the emotionally and physically exhausting time that Bill’s life is hanging in the balance.

My Journey Into Alzheimer’s Disease  by Robert Davis
As pastor of a large church in Miami, Florida, Robert Davis should have been at the high point of his abilities. But his outstanding memory seemed to be leaving and some bizarre behavior was showing up. At the age of 53 he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. With his wife’s help, he has written this chronicle of his journey from the sunshine to the moonlight and shadow. His vivid descriptions of spiritual struggles are especially insightful. He feels darkness and turmoil and wonders if God has forgotten him, but then the Lord holds him close in a special experience.

Relentless Goodbye  by Ginnie Burkholder
This book is about grief and love in the shadow of dementia. Ginnie’s husband Nelson was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia at the age of fifty-one. She writes about taking over daily decisions, telling him he could no longer drive, her struggle with acceptance, and also the good times when his former self shines through.

Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms  by Max Lucado
This small gift book explores the depth of meaning in each verse of the 23rd Psalm. Written in everyday terms that can be enjoyed and understood by all.

Shaking Hands with Mr. Parkinson  by Gary Miller
The author relates his experience in dealing with Parkinson’s and also shares insights and experiences from acquaintances who are battling this disease. This book is an excellent resource to help the reader understand how Parkinson’s works and what those afflicted with it go through. Recommended for those who have Parkinson’s or are closely involved with someone who does.

Stronger Than Pain  by Arlene Kauffman & Lori Yoder
“God, where are you?” Arlene’s aching heart cries as yet another bout of severe pain strikes, making her feel helpless and alone. “Child, I am here,” He answers. “Where are you?” This book is Arlene’s testimony of how God has been her stay through one mysterious illness after another, through many days of intense pain, and through many surgeries.

Sunshine Through the Rain  by Rita Janzen Hochstetler
Inspirational thoughts and essays on many topics related to the ministry of suffering and others.

When God and Cancer Meet  by Lynn Eib
A book of powerful stories about cancer patients and their families who have been touched by God in miraculous ways―some in their bodies, others in their minds, all in their spirits―offers inspiring testimony that, when God and cancer meet, cancer is conquered. The author, herself a cancer survivor, gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of 18 personal encounters with God.

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