Our Mission & Vision


To assist the Conference Care Committee in location and securing safe and effective help for those with diverse and unusually  difficult needs, as well as offering any other services that might be useful to them. To assist in improving the overall well being of those with unique needs and special challenges among us, serving and supporting in the compassion and humility of Christ.


To create a resource centre where congregational leaders and their members can obtain information and help with issues beyond the normal scope of experience.  To offer safe and effective options for consideration and use. To share information and resources to use in developing support systems for families.

Our Purpose

The fundamental purpose of the Resource Team is to assist the Conference Care Committee in locating and securing, safe and effective help for those with diverse and unusually difficult needs, as well as offering any other services that might be useful to them. 

The Conference Care Committee, like other conference committees and boards, utilizes some additional help from brothers and sisters of different congregations. Those that have been utilized have been given staff approval from their home congregations.  

These conference level boards and committees within the church serve a particular purpose and have provided valuable services to the welfare of the members. 

It is with the same vision and desire to be of service that the Conference Care Committee, and their Resource Team purpose to serve the church, answering requests by congregational leaders and their members, for help in seeking, securing, and maintaining resources and support for their families suffering diverse and very difficult issues in their lives.

It is the desire and goal of the Conference Care Committee and the Resource Team to develop and maintain the work and make resources and information easily available to all our congregations.  

We want to be a safe, secure place, a friendly place in which the compassionate heart of the church can be further expressed in the healing of these loved ones dealing with difficult circumstances in their lives.  

The Lord willing, it will continue in further development and service until it is no longer needed in this life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the resource team do?

Our Primary goal is to be “here” for you,  whatever problem you are going through!  Our Secondary goal is to locate help.

Where can I get more info on what I’m dealing with?

We have some great resources listed under the “Resources” section. You can also reach out to one of our team members. Our contact information is listed under “The Team” section.

When is your next meeting?

Our upcoming meetings are posted on the events page: https://riicon.ca/cccresource/events/

How do I know who to contact?

Check out the list of team members listed under “The Team”. If you are not able to find anyone who has your particular challenge listed, please feel free to call any one of us and we will do our best to find someone for you to connect with.

Who do I contact if I need respite or if I can offer respite?

Check out the “Respite” tab and fill out the applicable form. When you submit it, it will automatically be sent to one of our team members. We will do our best to connect names and contact information as we deem appropriate, with your permission. Information will be kept confidential.