Meet yOur resource TEAM

Ben and Rose Friesen

Ben and Rose have both been schoolteachers and have three adopted children. Rose teaches special education which includes experience in Barton, PACE, neurophysiology, and general tutoring. Ben has a master’s degree in nursing science and is a board-certified nurse practitioner. Ben and Rose both have an interest in counseling and work with issues surrounding all forms of abuse, addictions, and adoption-related issues. They have also been involved in marriage counseling and developing course-work to encourage better marriage relationships. Occasionally they will consult and work with the needs and challenges surrounding the school system.

Preferred Contact Method
To contact Ben and Rose, please go to

Goshen, IN

Ida Klassen

Since 2002, Ida has done individualized in-home therapy for children who have autism. Through this experience she has learned from many different professionals. She has taught Triple P Parenting and takes an interest in children from hard places. She enjoys reaching out and assisting parents and school personnel with the challenges of children with various exceptionalities. Ida is currently employed as an educational assistant in the local public school.
Sunnyslope, AB

Brent and Gail Schmidt

Brent and Gail have a heart for those who suffer emotionally or come from difficult circumstances. They are interested in helping husbands and wives on their journey to find healing and happiness. Young people also have a special place in their hearts and numerous young people have found a home with them during difficult times. Brent has been actively involved in the school system, both as a teacher and board member.

Albuquerque, NM

Brian and Charlotte Decker

Brian is a minister who, along with his wife, Charlotte, takes an interest in emotional wellbeing. Healing from the wounds of trauma is close to their hearts. Brian was adopted and is acquainted with the challenges involved in that journey as well. A favorite mantra of his is “Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.”
Walnut Hill, FL

Russell and Regina Spence

Russell is a minister who, together with his wife Regina, have a personal interest in dealing with OCD. He is interested in helping people deal with and find help in challenges surrounding mental and emotional health and has a heart for those dealing with dysfunctional families.
Winton, CA

Rick and Alicia Wiebe

Rick and Alicia, have a heart for hurting people.  They are interested in helping people find resources for emotional healing.  Rick is personally acquainted with post traumatic stress and has been involved in helping those with anxiety, depression, and addictions.
Sunnyslope, AB

Lee and Vila Gingerich

As missionaries in Romania, Lee and Vila met many hurting people and learned that listening is sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone. Lee serves as a deacon in their congregation in Missouri, and he has a special interest in addictions. Vila has been involved in the school system for many years and serves as a mentor for girls and women, with a special interest in self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety.

Jamesport, MO

Aylesa Penner

Aylesa has taught school for many years and has a heart for children from hard places. She has taught a variety of curriculums, needs, and ages, including children with dyslexia, ADHD and other extra challenges. She has studied TBRI and uses these strategies in the classroom. Currently Aylesa is teaching in a special education classroom.
Annapolis Valley